Mixing genomics and social networking.That’s the pitch of 23andMe, a Silicon Valley startup. The company proposes a system where people compare their genomes. We can already foresee the conversations: “Hey, you have a predisposition to colorectal cancer? Great! Me too!”. “Oh, according to our respective genomes, we might develop Alzheimer together at the same age, isn’t it fantaaastic?!”. Meetic, Match.com will love it. Of course, mapping your 600,000 genetic variations for $999 also helps you to trace your ancestors. For the short-term, we have all the obvious business applications derivatives: from deciphering the genes to actually interpreting the results. Later, we’ll enjoy an endless stream of predictive medicine applications — hypochondria will finally become fact based. Companies like Navigenics are already on it. But there is also a darker outcome : gene-based social networking will also become the dream tool of eugenics.
> story in the MIT Technology Review