You thought that you were saturated with ads, with messages of urban life misery, right ? Thinks again. Thanks to Vibes Media, now everyone can create live advertising. How it works: you’re in a stadium, attending a game (to me, nightmare as already begun); you pull out your cell phone and type a text message. Within seconds (after verification, we hope) it appears on a huge billboard sponsored by a beer brand. The advertiser now has two reasons to be happy: many eyeballs are directed on the billboard to see the constantly changing text messages; then, by deriving the number of messages, it can even figure out the number of contacts (Vibes mentions a crowd of 5000 shooting 11,000 messages — forget the game!). As Business Week pointed out, there are plenty of applications such as, in an airport, waving a loved one goodbye on a Motorola billboard… We better get muscles for our eyeballs.

And I don’t want to ruin the party, but just, figure out our future, with the combination of such technology + RFID chips + GPS localized cell phones + wifi triangulation + genomics ID + biometrics devices + behavioral science, and we are in. The network becomes a (gilded) cage.

A quick update on extreme ads practices, Condé Nast is to provide analysis based on ad-tracking system. It struck a deal with MediaAnalyzer. The system will be to measure the efficiency of long terms ad. Story in Folio Magazine.