Last week in Beverly Hills, one man was grinning. Marcelo Benez, advertising director of La Folha de San Paulo is a happy man. His mission is to use every possible features allowed by modern printing machines, to offer his advertisers a variety of special formats. This goes beyond the limits of the publication itself : pop-up that surge from a page, complicated origami glued inside the paper, poster-like ads 16 times the size of a broadsheet page (“we don’t sell by the inch-column, but by the meter sometimes”, he laughs). That led to a stream of exclusive campaigns for the launch of products and services. A French daily for instance, does less that a dozen of “special operations” per year. By contrast, La Folha took up 287 of such events last year! Results are stunning : in 2007, the overall Brazilian economy grew by 5.4% ; for the ad market the growth was +9% and la Folha de San Paulo made a +19.3% progression in ad revenues.