“Welcome to the Weekend Web”, said Business Week. Internet browsing differs from weekdays to weekends. In this story, Google Mobile’s chief says that the biggest part of traffic on the search giant’s mobile sites occurs Saturdays and Sundays. The weekend’s mobile web promenade involves mostly classified and local sites. Among them (on the US market), Craigslist, both a huge classifieds site and a local destination. According to M:Metrics (now part of ComScore) mobile browsing has surged 89% last year and mobile page views are up by 127%. No doubt than within few years, the mobile Web will be bigger than current PC Web… but also harder to monetize.

Here are the top 10 sites viewed on mobile phones (figures are in minutes per user and per month) Craigslist_____99 mn

Ebay_________86 mn

MySpace______85 mn


Go.com(1)____67 mn

Google_______63 mn

Yahoo________53 mn


Live.com(2)___37 mn


(1) Disney portal gives access to ESPN

(2) Microsoft portal

Actually, The New York Times is also quite bullish about mobile browsing. In this video interview on Beet.tv, Michael Zimbalist, head of R&D at the Times, confirms the growth of mobile pages and explains the relationship the Times is developing between mobile and print content.