Roasting Toaster Fridges

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A longish exploration of two hybrid devices, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and Apple’s iPad Pro.

The short version: The Microsoft product is a decent laptop but it’s better as a tablet. The iPad Pro is also not a laptop replacement, but it’s a substantial enhancement of the tablet genre, thanks to a better/bigger screen, a very good stylus, and plenty of processing power. This leads to a brief speculation on the future of OS X and iOS.


Surprising Findings In Our News Apps Survey

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Most likely a Monday Note reader in India — Image by Aakhash Gautman/Flickr

The Monday Note survey on News applications usage yielded surprising findings:
(1) You rely on very small number of news apps;
(2) Twitter and RSS-related apps score quite high, they are the de facto vector for News;
(3) Once huge, Flipboard is losing ground fast while Apple News is not faring well;
(4) Half of readers surveyed would rather have no ads in exchange for a monthly fee. 


“Open That Set-Top Box“

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Later this month, the FCC will hear a proposal that would put an end to your cable carrier’s costly and regressive monopoly on the set-top boxes that you’re allowed to use. Following their well-known modus operandi, Comcast and other carriers contend that granting this freedom to their customers would stifle innovation. They continue to think we’re idiots, that they can raid our wallets with impunity.


Google’s AMP Poised To Take The Lead From Facebook’s And Apple’s Walled Gardens

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Photo: Nasa

By the end of February, Google will deploy at full scale its Accelerated Mobile Pages project by sending search results to amp-html pages. Because it integrates all monetization instruments —advertising, analytics and now subscription systems— Google’s AMP is likely to rally scores of publishers. [This post had been updated.]