Who knew about Skyhook Wireless before last week, when Steve Jobs mentioned it at MacWorld ? Very few for sure. Skyhook is a software-only location platform that provides 20 meter positioning accuracy to any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. Unlike satellite based GPS systems, WPS uses terrestrial based Wi-Fi access points to determine location. Works perfectly (I've tried it with an iPod Touch). This kind of technology bears endless potential for applications. Think about ultra-local news delivery (and advertising to finance it), local e-commerce apps and so on.
> read the case studies on Skyhook's site.

Close cousin to Skyhook is the Geotagging. The next generation of digital camera -- even the cheap ones -- will soon have such capabilities. This will be another step in the mash-up frenzy : mixing data location and images.
> story in Forbes

> or take a look at Earthmine, that baseline says : "Indexing reality".

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