Cisco Systems likes numbers. Big and metaphor-rich ones. Here is the latest form last week, when the network giant introduced its new digital switch : the Nexus 7000 can transfer 90,000 movies (the entire library of a big rental company like Netflix) in 38 seconds over the internet. In theory, it solves the question of the network needs for new applications (they're supposed to grow exponentially). The applications Cisco needs to sell more iron? Well, they're up to you.
> story in the New York Times
Cisco has been using such a tremendous power and speed for its own development. The company holds 600 telepresence sessions each week. The tools : a 65-inch display ensuring a HD-like quality for videoconferencing. In this story, the company CEO's John Chambers is "traveling" across the world in 3 1/2hrs.
> article in Fortune.

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