If Orange is becoming a paid-TV channel, it has to abide by the same rules as the TV networks. The CEO of Canal+ is accusing the French Internet and cellphone operator of anti-competitive practices and is about to challenge Orange's position before French regulators. Bertrand Meheult said so last week in Le Figaro.

In play : the ever increasing packages Orange is proposing to its subscribers of all stripes: mobile phone, internet or ADSL-TV. The French carrier recently acquired broadcast rights for soccer matches, TV series and even first-release movies such as the next Harry Potter. Hence the ire of Canal+ chief. According the French law, any French broadcaster must abide by the so-called "production diversity" law and acquiring a quota of "genuine" French productions (even if they are not often audience attractors). Bertrand Meheult says mobile phone operators are now competing in the same area and must be submitted to the same constraints.

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