By 2011, 50% of the online adult population in the US and 84% of the teens will use a social network each month, says the research firm eMarketer. Currently, 70% of the young Americans visit a social network once a month. Whatever the margin of error, the figures shows the potential of such network. It implicitly emphasis the issue of the valuation of personal data.

> see a summary of eMarketer

Facebook is actually the most visible part of a immense industry which its the direct marketing, which has elevated the data-mining to an art. In the following story, MIT's Technology Review outlines the modus operandi of one them, Acxiom Corporation.

> story in the TR

Three years ago, Fortune magazine ran a detailed, and rather frightening, but great story about Acxiom, the company you don't know, but who knows you.

> see the Fortune story

Aside of the advertising frenzy, one of the key development of those social networks will be their foray into news. No doubt they will become one of the next major news channel.

>see this story about the LinkedIn news that will be rolled out next year.

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