You probably heard of Fake Steve Jobs, Dan Lyons, the former Forbes writer. He’s built a justified reputation for using his blog to do a kind of Steve Jobs pastiche, by turns analytical, satirical, occasionally vulgar and, yes, insulting every possible target in the Valley and in the MSM (Mainstream Media).

You’ll recall I criticized the New York Times’ bosses and one of their writers, Brad Stone, in a July 2009 Monday Note titled “Brilliant insights at the NYT”. In it, as a NYT fan, I worried about the quality of reporting, concerned with the superficiality of Silicon Valley coverage, bemoaning the formulaic cut-and-past jog of quoting anal-ysts and other “usual suspects”.

Well, read this Fake Steve Jobs piece. There, Dan Lyons gives another example of the MSM missing key information, the OfferPal scams, and insights, how game companies “game” users and how social networks can put an end to such practices. For short, the scammers are companies such as OfferPal tempting on-line game users with offers for more weapons or more lives while sending a stealth tentacle into their wallets by tricking them into expensive subscription “deals”.
The NYT’s problem is it wrote a fairly positive article on the new Virtual Goods Economy while totally missing the ongoing scams controversy. See Silicon Watcher’s overview here.

Fake Steve Jobs is worth adding to your list of RSS feeds (Google Reader is a good way to manage those). Lately, Dan Lyons wrote another tart and insightful analysis of big company (IBM in this case) PR practices here. Enjoy! —

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