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Business Journalism is becoming mainstream

Two web sites share more or less the same punch line : “When business news meet pop culture”. These are : WallStrip.com, with its hilarious videos of most talked-about companies on the stock market (this site was recently acquired by CBS) and MainStreet.com for whom “the point is to make finance fun”. To achieve this, its owner TheStreet.com, hired a young editor known for her writing in Forbes about billionnaires.

> Mainstreet.com will hit the web early 2008

> see WallStrip.com (I lenjoyed the parody of the Sopranos to recount the story of

some high-flying garbage management company).

Did Facebook stole some code ?

As we speak, some court-appointed forensic computers experts are poring over Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s old hard drives to detect a possible intellectual property theft. Three Harvard grads filed a lawsuit accusing Zuckerberg to actually have build Facebook on their idea : in 2002, the three guys had dreamed of a social network called ConnectU. They began the work and asked Zuckerberg to finish the code. Instead, they claimed, he stole the code, built Facebook and, one day, open it up to the general public (you, me — well, not me. Yet). Nice script, uh ?

> read the full story, from the creation of Facebook to the current lawsuit in “02138″

the magazine of Harvard alumni.

> and here are all the court documents Zuckerberg is trying to have removed.