2016: Just One Thing

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Today’s shortest-ever Monday Note was written under the hallucinatory effects of a lingering flu and various other abuses and delights: Traversing France on the magical TGV; wandering through the Left Bank’s mind-altering bookstores, restaurants, pastry shops, and other purveyors of Good Sin; and, to top it off, the summoning of an SOS Médecins at 10pm to staunch a stubborn nosebleed, for 60€. Read at your own risk.


The Ad Blocking Industry: Global, Large, Threatening

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First ignited by anti-advertising zealots, ad blocking is now a growing business involving an “interesting” set of players. These range from opportunistic startups intending to leverage the power of cell phone carriers, to large multinational groups wanting to control the ad supply aimed at the Internet’s Next Billion.