The Monday Note is a newsletter covering the intersection of media and technology.

The media sector is undertaking a major revolution. A large part of its business model, namely the print one, is exhausted. Readers have become volatile. But on the other hand, the notion of “eyeballs” is elusive.

The Monday Note will have a close look at the tectonics in motion.

The first one is content: what is relevant for the current generation of news consumers? To which extent will solid journalism survive? What will be the key components of its adaptation?

The second motion is technology: what will be tomorrow’s dominant platform? How will ubiquitous tech influence our access to information? Who will be the main players? Will the future dominance be a question of speed, versatility of the digital terminal? Or is it a question of infrastructure for the delivery of increasingly bandwidth-hungry contents?

The third factor is the expectation of the public. Readers no longer want to be passive. News is becoming conversational, participative, sometimes up to the extreme, with blurring borders between news and unverified information (let aside the sacred distinction between facts and comments). Today, no one can dare to predict who will be the main channel of news distribution: Google, thanks to its cash, its million servers and its fantastic aggregation capability? Facebook with its 80 million users and its intimate reach to an entire generation? Will the notion of “trusted brand” be diluted into a maelstrom of “infotainment”?
These are confusing times. What’s at stake is the very future of independent and professional information. A key component of any democracy.

To address these questions — and hopefully to provide some guidance — The Monday Note will rely on informed analysis, basic journalism and strong opinions from its contributors.
Thanks for reading it.

Frederic Filloux & Jean-Louis Gassée